The marketing failure that undermined the corporation’s well-intentioned scholarship program.

Screenshot of Tweet from @BurgerKingUK Twitter Account

For International Women’s Day 2021, the UK Burger King Twitter account announced a culinary scholarship for women. After this announcement Burger King faced a significant amount of backlash for a tweet that said ‘women belong in the kitchen.’

This tweet has since been retracted and the UK Burger King Twitter account has issued an apology. However, this marketing failure highlights the importance of differentiating between intent and impact and paying attention to the context when designing a marketing campaign. By focusing on these aspects, corporations can effectively use their outsized media presence to influence public opinion on social issues.

Intent vs. Impact


Can 3D printed homes reduce the cost of rent and eradicate homelessness…

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

When you imagine 3D printed homes, you likely imagine futuristic homes engineered by technologists for the world’s millionaires. However, you may be surprised to hear that 3D printed homes are a phenomenon of the present and are emerging all over the developing world.

The ability to print 3-D homes for a low-cost is changing the landscape of the developing world as governmental organizations, non-profits, and housing construction companies collaborate to serve the homeless and reduce rental prices by creating affordable housing.

Let's take a look at how and why 3D printing is changing the housing landscape.

How 3D Printing Works

If you look back…

Jahnavi Patel

A Student at University of California, Los Angeles [UCLA]

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